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The Company - History and Present

What is the business history and how successful has it been ?
What is the present situation ?
Who stands behind the business ?

It also includes the following information about the business:

The company's main business
The company's owners
The financial position and past performance
The business target

Main business

Describe the company's main business, objectives, main products, target markets, major customers, positioning in the market, market share, and facilities.


Identify the company owners, their backgrounds, and skills.

Financial position and past performance

Explain the financial situation of the business and its performance in the last five years. Define the following items:

The revenue over the last five years.
The profit over the last five years.
The total assets over the last five years.
The total liabilities over the last five years.
The main financial ratios over the last five years.

Business targets

Briefly describe the business objectives and targets. The objectives should be concrete and measurable, such as sales target, growth rate, profitability, and market share.

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